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there is no liz, only zuul. [entries|friends|calendar]
Liz Prince

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self esteem [26 Sep 2012|12:01pm]
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Hub Comics, 9/30! [24 Sep 2012|12:24pm]
Hi Friends!

I will be signing copies of all of my books, but most specifically my comic in Marceline & the Scream Queens, at Hub Comics in Union Sq, Somerville, on Sunday, September 30th, from noon-3pm!

We will have LEMON related snacks, in honor of my stories protagonist, the venerable Earl of Lemongrab. It will also be Boston's only chance to pick up a limited edition print of my Weezer parody, Yellow Album,

and I will also be doing color sketches of your favorite Adventure Time characters for $cheap$.

See you Sunday!!
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fruit salad days [12 Sep 2012|10:56am]

My fellow OOOmericans,

You can buy my Adventure Time story FRUIT SALAD DAYS in issue 3 of Marceline & the Scream Queens TODAY!! It would mean a lot to me, even if you aren't following the series, if you picked up a copy. I will have this issue, as well as my self published books at SPX this weekend, so you can buy it directly from me if you'll be in the area.

Many lumping thanks,

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What time is it? SPX Time! [10 Sep 2012|01:03pm]
Hi friends!

Did you know that I will be tabling at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland, this weekend?  Not only can you meet me in person, but you'll have the added bonus of getting to hang out with Ramsey "everydaypants" Beyer, with whom I am sharing a table.  I will have all of these things for sale:

- All 3 issues of I Swallowed the Key to My Heart

- Both issues of Alone Forever

- Liz Pins

- Marceline & the Scream Queens #3

- A secret thing that I can't talk about online

- Awkward conversations (these are free)

Please come and say hello and give us all of your dollars!

If you will not be attending SPX, you can buy Marceline and the Scream Queens issue #3, featuring a story I did about everyone's favorite sociopath, Lemongrab, this week!  It comes out on Wednesday, and should be available at every comic book store in the universe.  Here is a preview of the first 3 pages of my story to make you excited:

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my friend obsessive thought [24 Aug 2012|11:51am]
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the evolution of a tomboy [21 Aug 2012|11:41am]
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Portland Zine Symposium [09 Aug 2012|01:07pm]
Holy smokes, August is already upon us! It sure snuck up on me, and a lot of things have been slipping through the cracks, so I forgot to mention that this weekend I will be in Portland, Oregon, tabling at the Portland Zine Symposium!! Admission is free on Saturday and Sunday at Refuge, so please come and buy some comics, zines, and assorted ephemera!

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catspiracies 3 [09 Jul 2012|12:58pm]
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6 Stages of Migraines [19 Jun 2012|12:10pm]
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Insubordination Fest and Poster Sale! [18 Jun 2012|01:17pm]
Hi pop-punk fiends!

I hope to see lots of internet friends at Insubordination Fest this weekend in Baltimore! I can finally announce that I drew the cover for this year's Insub Fest zine, if you'll be at the show, be sure to pick up a copy!

I will be doing an in-store event on Saturday the 23rd at my favorite record store, Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore (a short drive from the venue), from 1-3 in the afternoon. If you attend you can get books signed and pick up some show posters I've designed, including a limited edition print of my Insub Fest zine cover, on 11"x17" poster stock, with way more pink than should be legally allowed!

And as always, my CSR shirts will be available, as well as the Deep Sleep Adventure Time poster I drew!
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Summer Junk [11 Jun 2012|11:53am]
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ALONE FOREVER 57: JUST MY TYPE [05 Jun 2012|01:13pm]
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3 NEW BOOKS for your purchasing pleasure! [10 May 2012|01:40pm]

Run to my WEB$TORE to get your copies of Alone Forever 2, I Swallowed the Key To My Heart #3, and Gore Squares, all lovingly packaged and shipped to your door via the U.S. Postal service.
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still got it [09 May 2012|11:53am]
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MoCCA NY 2012 [25 Apr 2012|12:57pm]
dear residents of the Empire State,

I will be attending your MoCCA Comics Fest this weekend as an exhibitor, sharing a table with two very talented gentleman by the names of Neil Brideau and Sam Sharpe! We are located at table I-7, just to the left of the main entrance, so you have no excuse not to stop by!! I will have all these pretty new books for you (and more!):

See you on Saturday and Sunday!
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adventure timeage [23 Apr 2012|11:21am]
Here are some Adventure Time/Descendents mash-ups; ENJOY!

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Gore Squares! [19 Apr 2012|12:13pm]
What is going on here?! 2 new books are debuting at Boston Comic Con and MoCCA?! Yeah, that's right, I've been busy, my friends!

What is Gore Squares? It is the 3rd issue of Four Squares, the experimental journal comic drawn by Maris Wicks, Joe Quinones, Tim Finn and myself. We choose a month, each draw a comic strip everyday, and put them together in this hefty little booklet, so you can see how we interact, live, and love.

See what I mean? It is brilliant. And just like I Swallowed the Key to My Heart #3 and Alone Forever 2, these books will be available for online purchase the 2nd week of May if you can't attend Boston Comic Con and MoCCA.
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IStKtM<3 #3 [17 Apr 2012|02:03pm]
Guess what, guys? I picked up issue 3 of I Swallowed the Key to My Heart last night!  Sadly there was a printing error, and the covers didn't end up getting printed on card stock, but I hate wasting paper, so since they're perfectly usable despite not being what I wanted, I'm just going to suck it up and hopefully it won't make too much of a difference to you, the loyal reader!

They look great, anyhow

Copies will be available for the first time this weekend at Boston Comic Con, and the weekend after that at MoCCA; please say HI if you're at either of those shows! And for the rest of you, this will go up for online order the 2nd week of May, so don't fret. To get you amped, here are the first two pages of this 26 page issue:

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Not Yet! - It's A Small World, Alcohol [04 Apr 2012|01:02pm]
You guys, did you know that for some reason cassette tapes are relevant again? Me either, but apparently they are! I did the artwork for Not Yet!'s awesome cassette ep, and I'm super stoked with the finished product, not just art wise, but because the album rules too.

Go to John Wilkes Booth Records and grab one! Only 50 were pressed on clear green, so it's sure to be a collector's item!

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